Monday, 28 January 2013


1.         What are the products/ services offered in the specified vertical?

Products offered:
Handheld Billing Machine and Automated Fare Collection & Reporting Software

Services Offered:
Development of Web and Mobile applications in ASP.Net, VB, PHP & Android

2. Give a brief background of the existing IT landscape in terms of business applications and software being used by the organization.

(E.g. POS, ERP, CRM, SCM, HRMS, Accounting, PLM, Core Banking, Analytics, Risk Management, etc.)

Self developed CRM is used in our company

3. Please enumerate the top metrics for vendor selection process:
•    Domain Experience
•    Product Quality
•    Testimonials & Reviews

4.  What are the key business objectives driving the IT initiative?
(The objectives could be in the form of achieving internal process efficiency, decreasing lead times, increased customer satisfaction, improved top lines, penetrating new markets or new geographies etc.)
•    Total Automation
•    Fast Service

5. Please highlight key aspects of the following aspects of IT governance involved.
(Please quantify wherever possible.)
a.    Vendor Selection metrics:
•    Quality
•    Capability
•    Flexibility

b.    Vendor performance evaluation metrics:
(For example, SLAs followed, any risk-reward sharing or penalty model adopted.)
•    Average Response Time
•    On time Delivery
•    Total cost reduction year over year
•    Technical & Process improvements
•    Identify & track cost of poor quality associated with product returns

c.    Risk management metrics adopted:
•    Product Availability
•    Financial instability

1.              Do you believe the IT initiative was innovative/ unique? Kindly highlight the key points.

(Innovative product/ solution/ process/ best practices involved)

Yes , sure  The IT initiative leading field automation solution business team who have 17 years experienced in embedded technologies and 10 years experienced in transportation domain was innovative  and unique.

2.         Please use the space below to summarise any other particulars which you think were left out and you would like to bring to our perusal.

Softland India Ltd is a dedicated company who delivers really most innovative, successful and award winning products and support for automation in various government and private organizations like telecommunication, electricity, water distribution and transport departments. Softland India Ltd having in-house R&D team with various manufacturing & testing facilities and having support centres in various cities in India and abroad.  The Launch of Handheld billing machine-palmtec and portable Printer iPrintMarvel has come out to be an Emerging Technology for the market for various Mobile Automation solutions.

Please visit our corporate website for more details  -

1.         What was the business benefits achieved as a result of the IT initiative?

(A benefit can be classified under one or more of the below. Please quantify wherever possible. For example, CSAT surveys, OPEX reduction, service time reduction etc. Greater weightage would be given to quantified metrics Please try to limit your responses to a word limit of 500.)

·         Operational Impact:

(For example: Internal process efficiency, improvements in entire value chain, easier and more efficient IT governance, easier reporting audits, improved speed to market of the finished core product)

·         Improved Time Management

·         Maximum utilization's of resources with improved finished Products.

·         Improvement in documentation of Projects

·         Improvement in the efficiency of work and speed up in marketing finished Projects.

·      Customer Impact:

(For example, acquisition of new customers, faster and more efficient transactions, increased customer delight, improved customer satisfaction levels, lower costs for customers)

·         Enable to attain customer Satisfaction with innovative Technology and output.

·         Enable to develop new projects and new customers

·         Increased Market and revenue with existing and New Relationship.

·      Strategic Impact:

(For example, Penetration of new markets, competitive edge achieved, partners, increased market share, overcoming of business challenges etc.)

·         Stepped in to challenging segments with Innovative Technology.

·         Enable to increase business in various segments.

·      Financial Impact:

(For example, improved top lines, bottom lines)

Enable to keep a good track of finance.

·      Others:

(Any other value derived as a result of the implementation can be listed here, for example, strategic adoption of any form of technology implementation enabler or accelerator which by fast-tracking the implementation process eventually would improve the top lines of the organization) [NIL]

Please highlight the pricing models being adopted:

(E.g. pricing strategy for licenses, maintenance services, version upgrades)

One-time flat rate and Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

7.  Please highlight the deployment models being adopted:
(E.g. deployment strategy and methodology adopted for license software, version upgrades)

 Application deployment and Database deployment in Private Cloud based dedicated server and provide training to users.

1.       Please briefly highlight the customer impact of the said roll-out:

(E.g. The impact can be in forms of increased customer reach, new customer acquisitions, increased revenue from existing customers, and increased stickiness from existing customer-base)

   Product has a good requirement with warm welcome.

2.       Do you believe the IT initiative was innovative/ unique? Kindly highlight the key points.

(Innovative product/ solution/ process/ best practices involved)

Yes , sure  solution provided by leading field automation solution business team who have 17 years experienced in embedded technologies and 10 years experienced in transportation domain.

3.       Please highlight the support plans devised to be able to bolster version upgrades:

(E.g. Customer support through direct or channel presence)

Softland India Ltd Provides support to their customers in the following ways.

·         Phone

·         Email

·         Direct

·         Dealers

4.       Please highlight the strategic roadmap for the product:

·         2001 – Product Design (Handheld Ticketing Machine)

·         2005 – ETM version updated by in terms of speed & compact

·         2008 – Basic model application developed

·         2011 – Total solutions Developed as web based Automated Fare Collection & Reporting             Software in cloud model

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


1.       Help in Field Automation which includes a handheld device with standard Software in Computer and handheld product
2.       Accurate Data collection based on the prescribed application and processing the same.
3.       Generation of bill or Receipt based on payment collection from customer and updating or transferring the information/data on the spot to server through GPRS facility.
4.       Avoid reentering manually the data / information of bill or receipt in to computer for record keeping.
5.       Report Generation both from Machine side and P.C side for documentation
6.       Online monitoring the up to date status of Payment Collection by agent during field Automation.
7.      Provide Advance, Reasonable, effective, Systematic, and innovative method of Management System with customer satisfaction 

The various facilities of the companies include the High Power Development system, an
intelligent property of the company that makes it easier and faster for our software team for the
development of the firmware modules for the product ranges. The In house production facilities
like Soldering station, Test Chamber, Charging Station makes it convenient for the Production
department to complete the various phases of production In house itself. With the latest computers
and servers and on the technology front-updation Softland is moving towards success day by day.

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