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Recharge Voucher Management System (RVMS)

Palmtec Amphibia is a hand-held computer It is very rugged, light weight with about 400 Grams and suitable for the rough environments. It consists of a 30 Key keypad, Graphic LCD, In Built Thermal Printer, Higher End 32 Bit Microcontroller, USB interface and runs on Rechargeable Battery.

Recharge Voucher Management System (RVMS) is an integrated system for Management of Electronic and Non Electronic Recharge Vouchers of various Mobile Phone Service Providers using at various Locations controlled Centrally by GPRS.
    Recharge Voucher Management System (RVMS) Consists of a Feature Rich Server Controlled Solution for Issue of Prepaid Recharge Voucher at Site with Front End of Palmtec Range of Point Of Sale Products like Palmtec Amphibia, Palmtec Plutonia Handheld Machines with In Built GPRS capable of Handling Recharge Voucher Issue in both Online and Offline Modes.

    The Recharge Voucher Management System (RVMS), consists of:
  1. Palmtec Range of Handheld Devices Like
  2. Palmtec Amphibia (Thermal Printer Model)
  3. Palmtec Plutonia (Dot Matric Printer Model)
  4. Firmware inside Palmtec for Recharge Voucher Issue.
  5. Back End Server Side Software For Recharge Voucher Management.
Firmware inside Palmtec for Recharge Voucher Issue.

    Palmtec has to be Pre-Loaded with the Frimware for Recharge Voucher Management Functionalities for the Following Features.

1. For generation of Prepaid Recharge Vouchers of Various Denominations from Various Service Providers according to the stock availability and Credit Limit and Other rules of UNITED PHONE YEMEN as defined in the Server Side Software using Online and Offline Capabilities as defined.
2. Enabling of Auto Sync based on the Request from the Server. (Note this Feature will Only Work If the Server initiates the SMS and the Machine is in ON Condition).
The Recharge Voucher Management System consists of a Web Based Software Hosted in the Static IP in a Windows Server
The software will be web based software developed according to the requirements.
Create / Add Electronic Recharge Vouchers and send the same to the Palmtec machines for Issue of Prepaid Recharge Voucher of Various Denominations From Various Service Providers.

At Head Office / WWW Server Location
    Web Based Back End Software with MySQL .
    The Server is loaded with the Application software. The Data Pertaining to Service Providers, Voucher Denominations, Distributor / Sub Dealer Credit / Debit Balances, New Top Ups Requirements / Approvals etc are Entered / Loaded and Stored in the Server.
    The Server is connected to a Static IP for Enabling Connectivity and data management  for Online data transfer to the Palmtec's / Android Phones, for Agents for Voucher Generation.

At Field Locations
    Palmtec or Andorid Phone with IPrintMarvel with relevant Firmware/ Android App is Installed. Palmtec or Android Phone with the APP Gets Connected to the Server Software though the GPRS and Date pertaining to the Approved Top Ups are Downloaded on to the Device by GPRS.
    When New Customers for Prepaid Vouchers desire, the sub dealer Opens the Firmware / App in Palmtec or Android Phone with IprintMarvel and Selects the Requirement Option of New Prepaid Voucher such as Service Provider and Denomination and the Voucher from the stock is Printed out. Relevant Payment is also collected.
    The Data of sales is Send to the Server at the stipulated time and the Next Top Up Stock if Required is Received. The data is stored in Server and also on the Device.
    Basic Reports Pertaining to the Sales, Payments, Required Orders Etc are entered into the machine and the same is further Used for the Next Day Sales.

Benefits for Operators or Distributors
  • Eliminates physical distribution costs
  • Eliminates voucher printing costs
  • Web-based management and user friendly interfaces for easy management
  • Gets up-to-date information on Sales
  • Provides detailed reporting functions, fully auditable
  • Improves sales tracking
  • Allows to link to multiple service providers
  • Tracks the purchase habits of subscribers more effectively preferred location and airtime value
Benefits for  Merchants
  • Eliminates Stock Out and Excess Stock
  • Eliminates the risk of theft
  • Continuously extends value-added service, product range
  • Allows sales mobility
  • Improves cash flow
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Monday, 22 July 2013

Products We Offer


Palmtec  Amphibia  is  a  rugged, light weight Hand held  portable computer that weighs about 400 Grams and is suitable for the rough environments.
The Creativity Series Include the following
GNU Compiler
Integrated Development Environment -IDE
Video Tutorials
Test Program and Source Code,Obj Files / Libraries and Documentations.
Palmtec Amphibia Handheld Computer - 1

A new and highly-integrated software development environment for ARM cortex M3 and M0 based microcontrollers, which includes all the tools necessary to develop high-quality software solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. CoIDE is based on the Eclipse development platform, it has Integrated CDT editor to edit and browse the code, an Integrated Source G++ Lite tool chain Using gcc tool chain, A clear interface with GUI Menus and toolbar that are clear and easy to use.

The GNU Compiler Collection (usually shortened to GCC) is a compiler  system produced by the GNU Project  supporting various programming languages . GCC is a key component of the GNU toolchain . As well as being the official compiler of the unfinished GNU  operating system, GCC has been adopted as our standard compiler.


Advertising LED display in Taxi

Car Back Window Scrolling Message Sign
Inside the Bus/Car(Back window)
In bus stops/stands & Railway station

·         LED display panel which can be fitted on the back window (from inside) or Top of a car able to configure the messages to be displayed on the LED panel remotely
·         In-built GPS to get information about the vehicle location.
·         Send message from any PC or mobile to anywhere LED
·         Able to program the time for which each message is displayed
·         Different messages can be stored and displayed
·         Any language Support
·         Scrolling or fixed messages
·         Single line or multi line
·         Multiple Display Effects
·         Display Message Selection
·         Speed Control for Display Effect
·         Mounting type wall or ceiling & anywhere
·         RED, AMBER or GREEN or Multicolor
·         LED Pitch      : 7.5 mm, 10mm & 15mm
·         LED Matrix   : 16 128,16 144,32 192 and optional sizes

1.    Easy to install to rear window, front window or Top.
2.    Good for salesman or saleslady who are moving by car
3.    Advertise your service or product while you are moving
4.    Also good for mini bus or van for displaying the destination
5.    This car LED display board can show the message for 3 ~4 hours by internal battery even after turning off car engine.
6.    No body other than the authorize person can transmit the data on the display board.
7.    It’s a complete wireless setup and no requirement of physical connection. No distance barriers will be there and hence provides full flexibility to the user to operate the display Board from anywhere within seconds
8.    with one PC it controls multiple LED display screens
9.    Optional support for android and LCD TV
10. Extremely Low Heat
11.  Low Wattage & Voltage
12.  Unbreakable compared to NEON

·         Car/ Van/Share auto  for Advertisement & location display system
·         Call Taxi and Mini Bus companies
·         Bus transports and bus stations
·         Police vans to display message for publics
·         Advertising agencies
·         Centralized display control in large Temples
·         Service propaganda in finances, post offices, telecom, commerce, hospitals, sports stadiums
·         Policies and decrees issued from government organizations
·         Instructions, guidance and information issuance in airports and railways
·         To electronically display Real Time Clock & Temperature for your daily visitors.
·         Display Board to display daily Gold, interest and foreign exchange rates.
·         To display promotional schemes for FMCG / Corporate.

About Softland India Ltd
Softland India Ltd is 17 years experienced ISO certified, Public limited company established in 1995 by a group of IT Professionals. We provide embedded systems based IT solutions. We are pioneers & market leaders in developing and manufacturing non-PC hardware devices. We have vast experience in developing microprocessor-based devices. Our core strength is in the field of embedded solutions and we are mainly into providing of embedded solutions for the field automations. With an increasing strength of about 140+ staff, we are able to achieve continuous success in all the field automations projects undertaken by us.
Desktop Application Products
  • Ticketing in Bus Transport
  • Invoice Payment Collection
  • Spot Billing for Electricity / Water Supply Cos
  • POS Application Paycollect System (SMS)
  • Biometric Attendance Marking System
  • Property Tax Collection System
  • Ticketing in Zoo / Museum / Parks
  • Billing in Depots/ Regional warehouses
  • Billing in Delivery Sales
  • Spot Billing in Petrol Pumps
  • Field Collection of Insurance Companies
  • Loan Recovery for Banks & NBFCs
  • Plantation collection Management System (PCMS)
  • Fleet Fuel Logging System
  • Queue Management System
  • Cable TV Payment Collection System
  • Spot Fine Collection Management
Web Application Products
  • Automated Fare collection & Reporting System (AFCRS)
  • Tally Integration & Reporting Software
  • Loyalty Card Management System
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA/POS) Application
  • Complaint Registration Management (CRM)
  • Construction Site Monitoring System
  • Apartment Management System (APMS)
  • Centralised Information Display And Content Management System (CIDACMS)
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)
  • Listall
  • Micro ERP

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Softland India Ltd,
No.14A, KINFRA Park, Menamkulam, Thumba, Trivandrum – 695586, INDIA
Phone: 91-471-2704090, 6454257 & 6454258 | Fax: 91-471-2706350
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