Thursday, 21 March 2013

iprintmarvel applications

iprintmarvel applications:
Measuring instruments and analyzer
Medical Equipments
Taxi meters, Digital tachometer
Weighting scale machines,
Gaming ,Entertainment ,vending
Panel mount printers
Gas pumps, ID automation
Portable printers and terminals
Data Communication Peripherals
Cash registers, Fiscal printers

Friday, 8 March 2013

Field Payment Collection Application

In India, Rural Co-operative banks and Gramin banks have vital role in the mass-banking. Most of them have a system of Daily Deposit Collection, for which bank agents go to door to door and collect money from shopkeepers, farmers and housewives on a daily basis. Agents download Master data by connecting handheld palmtec to USB port of PC and store the data on the same.  The application software in handheld machine prompts for entering the Acc. name or Acc. No. of the customer.  The application retrieves the details like opening date, up to date balance, last payment date & amount etc of the customer pertaining to the name/account number entered,  The agent can enter the details are stored in the transaction file in the handheld machine.   A receipt is then generated with all details and this receipt can be handed over to the customer after collecting the money & the same process is continued till the end of the day. Incase receipt by receipt online Updating is not preferred, the data can be stored in our handheld machine and the same can be transferred at the End of the Day to the Server by GPRS or by connecting to USB Port. This will eliminate any chance for mistakes & malpractices. And increase of Customer satisfaction through enhanced trust worthiness.

We are offering attractive freelancing commission for our product handheld spot billing machines & GPS tracking device.
Dealers wanted. for more details please mail to

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