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invehicle eticket validator for Digital Parking

          Softland India Ltd is a ISO certified, Indian based 17 Years Experience Public Limited Company, Head Quartered in Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA are Embedded Designers & Developers, Hardware Manufacturers, and Software Application Design and Developers.We are providing the Parking Coupon Issuing Machine with Software. PALMTEC AMPHIBIA / PLUTONIA can be programmed with the relevant parking applications. Palmtec Amphibia is very rugged, light weight with about 400 Grams and suitable for the rough environments. It consists of a 30 Key keypad, Graphic LCD, In Built Thermal Printer, Higher End 32 Bit Microcontroller, USB interface and runs on Rechargeable Battery.


    Precisely Palmtec = PC + Printer + UPS + Software.
    Models are available with

–        128 X 64 Graphical Liquid Crystal Display with Back Light.

–        Data storage options 4 MB / 8 MB / 12 MB / 16 MB/ 2 GB.

–        32 Col Thermal, 24 Col Impact and No Printer Options.

–        RS232, GPRS, USB, Bluetooth, INFRA RED, WiFi Options.

–        SMART CARD, RF, BIOMETRIC, GPS Add On Options.

–        Tactile and Silicon Rubber Keypad Options.

–        7.4 V Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

–        Basic Charger.

–        Pouch

The various systems available are as follows.

    Palmtec Base Models for Single Entry Exit Gates.
    Palmtec Modes with Multiple Entry and Multiple Exit Gates with Wireless Interface.

 Palmtec for Issuing Parking Coupon
Government bodies are giving contract to private agencies to collect Parking fee from public places. These agencies will appoint many boys in each location to collect the fee. We have a model of Palmtec, which can generate coupons for managing parking lots. While parking the vehicle, a coupon can be generated with date, time, coupon number, vehicle number etc. When the owner returns, the boy has to enter the coupon number. Palmtec will calculate the days/hours the vehicle has been parked and calculate the parking fee. The Charges can be fixed based on the type of Vehicle (two wheeler, four wheeler, and heavy vehicles). Single keys are provided to select vehicle type.

At the site, in the Parking Lot, a Computer is installed. The PC Side Software is loaded on to the same. The Wireless Transceiver is connected to the PC. Palmtec is pre - loaded with the relevant application Parking Firmware. The Tariff and Vehicle Types can be downloaded to the machine from the Software Module Provided.Each operator, at the entry and exit gates, is provided with the Palmtec. The Palmtec should be in the Wireless Range Area of PC. The Base Model comes with a Wireless Distance Capability of about 100-200 Meters. Incase of increase in distances as required, Wireless Repeaters can be used. Higher Models with beyond 200 Meters are available. On entry of the vehicles, the operator at entry gate can select the vehicle type, enter the vehicle number, and then Palmtec will generate the In-Slip receipt with the Date, Time, Vehicle number and In-Slip Number.

At the exit gate, the operator can collect the In-slip back from the customer and enter the In slip number or Vehicle Number in Palmtec. This data will be send to the PC and the PC will verify the records and calculate the parking fee, according to the tariff and vehicle type as configured based on the duration of parking, and sends the data pertaining to the charges to be collected from the customer. These relevant details are printed out on the Palmtec. The Amount can be collected in full or if advance is paid in the Entry Gate, the difference can be collected. Once the same is collected then the same will be updated back on the PC. Please find above the Sample Out-Slip generated. Reports can be generated from the machine as well as from the PC.


    Custom Software Development for various Applications in .NET, PHP, Java, ANDROID, iPhone Etc


1. Ticketing Solutions for Bus, Taxi, Auto Etc

        Basic Ticketing Solutions with options for Online GPRS, GPS Tracking Etc.
        Automatic Fare Collection System with Online Reservation Management System.

2. Sales Force Automation / Distribution Van Sales Solution

         Field Sales Billing &  Field Order Booking, Warehouse Data Management
         Solutions with Online GPRS, GPS Tracking Etc.

3. Spot Billing, Spot Fining Solution

        Online / Offline Spot Billing in Elecricity/ Water Cos.
        Online / Offline Spot Fining in Field by Police and Spot Alcohol Analysis Fine.

4. Payment Collection Solution

        Micro finance Payment Collection System
        Invoice / Chit / Cable TV / Insurance/ Tax Payment Collection System

5. Other Solutions

        Parking Management Solution
        Restaurant (Kitchen Order Taking) Solution
        Loyalty Card Management Solution
        Shop Multi-Point Billing Solution
       Queue Buster / Self Check In Solution
       Visitor / Queue Management Solution
       Commuter Tracking Solution
       Complaint Management Solution
       Resource Planning and Automation Solution
       Property Tax Collection
       Plantation Management System

Monday, 30 December 2013

happy new year

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DEXIA is a hand-held product name display with in-built display & PC interface.

• Operates on rechargeable battery
• Can work for 4 hours continuously
• Easy battery swaping for longer usage
• User-friendly software to create screens
• USB interface to store screens
• Memory to store multiple screens
• Drag-and-drop photos of food items
• Can display ingrediants of the dish too
• Dish names can be in Multi-lingual
• Switch to select necessary item-name
• Veg / Non-Veg indicator
• Facily to fix on table firmly
• Lite-weight & Rugged

  1. dish name display in hotels
  2. product name and details display in big shopping malls and retail chain stores

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