Thursday, 14 February 2013

Industries Served

Industry Sectors Solutions Provided
Transport corporations
  • Bus Ticketing Machine
  • LED Stage display panel
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Automated Fare collection & Reporting software
Telecom industries
  • Handheld billing machine
  • Mobile/cable TV EC recharge & billing machine
Electricity/Water boards
  • Spot billing Machine
FMCG distributions
  • Order taking & billing machine
  • Sales force automation-POS software
Banks & Finance
  • Loan receovery machine
  • Pigmy machines
  • LED display panel for info
  • Queue Management system
  • Kitchen/bar order taking & billing software
  • Android tablet menucard
  • LED order display unit in kitchen
Educational Institutes
  • Biometric Attendance machine
  • School/college van tracking system
  • RFID/barcode library management
  • Construction site monitor system
  • Apartment online management system
  • Apartment service charge collection/billing machine
  • Handheld portable computer with inbuilt printer & billing software
  • LED display sign board

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pay Collect

Activities like Daily Deposit Collection, Business / Gold Loan Recovery, Charges / Fees / Monthly Rent / Cable TV Collections, Other Field Payment Collection and transferring information to your Back-end software / application package without data entry are the basic operations that can be done smoothly and effectively using Palmtec.

In countries like India, Micro Financing plays a vital role in the rural economy. Majority of the common man and housewives earn everyday a small income, either through daily-wages or from agriculture or cattle. Unless this money is saved properly, they may loose. It is quite human to spend this money daily and end-up with no savings. A Savings Account with daily deposit system is the solution. However, most of them may not have access banks at all or clash with banking hours.

Similar to Daily Deposit Collection, a Daily Repaying Loan is also can be useful to the customers. Eg, give an amount of Rs.10,000/- to a small farmer to buy cows and recover Rs.65/- per day from his door step. Give receipt containing the current balance and current remittance. Within 6 months the entire loan will be paid back with a nominal profit to the bank, without hassles on either side. Experience shows that, in these sorts of loans, the NPA is close to nil. Banks have to automate this operation to make it more efficient & profitable.

Presently, agents go to door-to-door and collect money from shopkeepers & farmers on a daily basis. They give receipt against each collection and they are supposed to remit this amount at bank the very next day. However, due to various reasons, this remittance and related updations of data rarely happens. This ultimately leads to mistakes & malpractices. Computerization of the bank alone cannot solve this. A system to give receipt on the spot, capture the data & later download to the PC, without re-entering is required. Also, the account balance should be made up-to-date, be printed in the next day's receipt. Other Daily Payment collections like Cable TV monthly charges, Business / Gold / Personnel Loan Recoveries / Installment payment etc also need a reliable system to collect money everyday at the doorstep of their customers. All these areas Palmtec play a vital role.

By using Palmtec, agents can go door-to-door for payment collections from shopkeepers, farmers, housewives etc on a daily basis and collect the money and generate receipts for each collections. The collection data can be the uploaded to the Back end software for further processing of the MIS updations.

There are so many companies offering insurance packages, from both public & private sectors. Some of them have international tie-ups too. So it is becoming mandatory for them to have an effective way of payment collection, follow up of prospective etc. Palmtec can help them in this. Here the payment collection part is similar to that of Banks. Also we give a facility to them to keep track of their prospective customers (name, phone number, type, policy capacity etc) and keep updating the central system. This will not only help the agent, it will also help the insurance companies to bring-up new types of policies. Also they can use this data further, in case any agents quits or so.

Palmtec is having an embedded firmware “PAY COLLECT” for collecting payments and generate receipts. Agents can download the details of the customers to Palmtec, before going to the field. The receipt will have details like Company / Bank name, address, customer name, account no., date, time, serial no., amount paid, balance position, agent name etc.

At the end of the day, this data can be transferred to PC at the Bank. While doing so, the up-to-date balance position will be loaded back to the Palmtec too. So that, when he gives receipt next day, the correct balance position will be shown. There is no need of data entry and data verification. In case of any change in fields like interest rate etc., the same can be done in PC software and can be downloaded to Palmtec. This will speed up the process as well as eliminate any chances for mistakes & malpractices.

Palmtec can be integrated with your application software, irrespective of the OS & RDBMS your system is running on. Data is exchanged in an encrypted format and so no external or manual intervention is possible. This avoids all sorts of malpractices. The transferring utility is invoked within your application package and the data is automatically posted into the respective fields, as soon as it is transferred. There is no need of data entry and data verification. This utility will be embedded into the application software.

Data transfer can be either through RS232 Serial Port. It is also possible to exchange data through Modem. In which case, a normal external serial modem can be connected to Palmtec and data can be sent to a remote PC through telephone line.
Working of the System in ONLINE Mode (GPRS)

The Palmtec- Amphibia is loaded with the firmware for Payment Collection Application. The same is configured with the connectivity to the central data server that has a Static IP where the relevant transaction data to be queried is maintained. The device is loaded with the SIM card from any Mobile companies like AIRTEL, IDEA, BSNL etc. The SIM has to be enabled with GPRS and also the relevant facilities like Mobile Office etc so as to enable GPRS communications. Arrays of schemes are available with the operators. Customers are requested to choose any connection as per their requirement.

The MASTER DATA to be downloaded to the machine thru USB or FTP. Further the agent can carry Palmtec-Amphibia to the field and whenever he meet a customer, he can carryout the billing normally. After a bill is generated, Palmtec- Amphibia will directly connect to the server. The Receiving cum Answering program loaded in the web server verifies the authenticity of the device and will receive the bill data and will send the relevant acknowledgement back to Palmtec- Amphibia, and will update the same on to the database.

The bill details, after its generation can also be sent as an SMS to a server through a SMS Gateway, which can be accessed using a LONG CODE provided by the Gateway Provider. This is similar to SMS normally sent in Reality shows, but with normal SMS rate.

In the case of ONLINE updation of data using GPRS, the user needs to provide the following.
·         Server preloaded with Operating System.
·         A Static IP Address
·         Direct Internet Connection on Static IP on the Server. No Nods.
·         Receiving Cum Answering Module integrated to the Data Base.
·         Active SIM CARD with connection, GPRS and Mobile Office Enabled

The GPRS Palmtec is to be configured with the connectivity to the central data server that has a Static IP where the relevant transaction data to be queried is maintained. The SIM card enabled with GPRS pre-subscribed for Mobile Internet Access facility from any Mobile companies like AIRTEL, HUTCH, BSNL etc. The Data Receiving & Answering Software (LISTENER) listening to the port associated with the static IP of the SERVER, on to which the PALMTEC-GPRS has to get connected.



  1. Help in Field Automation which includes a handheld device with standard Software in Computer and handheld product
  2. Accurate Data collection based on the prescribed application and processing the same.
  3. Generation of bill or Receipt based on payment collection from customer and updating or transferring the information/data on the spot to server through GPRS facility.
  4. Avoid reentering manually the data / information of bill or receipt in to computer for record keeping.
  5. Report Generation both from Machine side and P.C side for documentation
  6. Online monitoring the up to date status of Payment Collection by agent during field Automation.
  7. Provide Advance, Reasonable, effective, Systematic, and innovative method of Management System with customer satisfaction

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

softland e-newsletter

Electronic Ticketing Machine Electronic Ticketing Machine
Softland India Ltd manufacturers “Wireless Portable Electronic Spot Billing Machines” for bus ticketing with multiple options for computer data transfer facility of  GPRS, Bluetooth, barcode, GPS, Wi-fi, RFID, Magnetic swipe card, weighing scale interface, smart card, biometric(finger print) and Mini printer
Our Products :
Electronic Ticketing Machine Electronic Ticketing Machine Electronic Ticketing Machine
  • Bus ticketing
  • order taking & billing in Delivery sales van
  • Spot fine collection for traffic police
  • Cable TV operators
  • Order taking in Hotels & parks
  • Tax collection
  • Parking Coupon Issue
  • Spot billing in petrol bunks and electricity/water boards
  • Daily deposit collections
  • Loan recovery/daily field collection in banks
  • Public distribution system
  • Rural milk procurement
  • Micro finance SHG/NGO
  • Laboratory/ware house labeling
  • Unique ID verification
  • Research data collection
  • Plantation collection Management System (PCMS)
  • Ticketing in Zoo / Museum / Parks
  • Loyalty Card Management System
  • Apartment Management System (APMS)
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)
  • queue management in banks
  • Mobile payment collection & recepting
  • Kitchen/Bar Order Taking Mobile Apps
The superior quality and technologically advanced nature of the products offered by us has garnered huge clientele for us. Today our clientele list comprises of leading names like :
  • Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC)
  • Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation
  • Bharath Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL Former DOT)
  • Various District Co-Operative Banks
  • Various Small Co-Operative Banks
  • OEM Supply to various MNC’s
  •   Bangalore Mahanagara Palike
  •   Financial and Chit Companies
  •   Bharath Electronics Limited
  •   Gujarat Electricity Board
  •   Orissa Electricity Board
  •   Private Bus Operators
Sales & service Network:
The growing demand of our products in markets across the globe has intensified the demand for our products in markets across the globe. This has inspired us to develop huge and extensive market which takes complete care of marketing our products in efficient manner. Our network today covers important international markets such as :
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • SAARC countries
  • African continent
Dealers and freelance marketing executives wanted in all over the India.
Electronic Ticketing Machine Electronic Ticketing Machine Electronic Ticketing Machine

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

latest news

Touching New Horizon of Technology…..

In the present scenario, demand for technology has considerably increased. Technology has become an inseparable part of day-to-day life. we has catered to this tech market need with efficiency and precision. The company specializes in the development of Computer Peripheral Devices like Palm Handheld Computers and Mini Printers, compact user-friendly models with high efficiency rate. The company works with the fundamental of innovation. Deploying all valuable time and resources, we have gained a vast experience in the development of microprocessor-based devices. Backed by international quality standard and years of experience, we work with a team of highly skilled professionals. Today, we are counted among the key Palm Handheld Computers and Mini Printer Manufacturers. The company is established with a sole motto of “Growing with Customer Satisfaction”. Our mission is to provide company the privilege of being listed among the fortune 500 companies in India. We look for success in tangible form hence our objective is primarily to ensure the end user satisfaction. In the dynamic market, we understand the notion of changing trend and we adjust according to the ever-changing tech market sticking to our motto.By developing computing devices that are easy to use, carry and operate, we have set new standards of excellence for others to achieve. The growing demand of our products in domestic as well as foreign markets testifies our claims of being the prime non PC Computing Devices Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters from Kerala, India.

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