Monday, 24 June 2013


Locatia - Vehicle Tracking System
The project is intended mainly to track the school vehicles, so that the parents and the concerned authorities can locate the vehicle any time using their mobile phone . A call from their phones, activates the machine and it replies back the current position and speed of the vehicle as SMS. Additional features are Over speed Alert Alarm ,Over speed Alert to a Predefined phone number and accident SOS system which sends message to all the numbers in the contacts list and informs that the vehicle is in trouble.

  • Easy monitoring of vehicle
  • Track the location of buses and audit pickup and drop-off times
  • Identify potential theft or miss-use of school buses
  • Redirecting buses away from accidents and traffic blocks
  • Institute bus/van usage analysis by passengers attendance through RFID
  • Reduced Phone Bill
  • Reduce calls and complaints to regarding transportation
  • Better analyze overall expenses
  • Two way communication
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Reports generation

    For parents:-

  •   Parents mobile number can be saved and can send alert messages.
  •   Parents can call to a GPS number and can know the real time location of bus through SMS without any cost.
  •  SMS alerts to Parents when school bus/van comes near stopping to student residence.
  •   SMS alerts to Parents When students get into school bus/van through RFID.

   For School Management :-

  •   Easy monitoring of school buses.
  •   Over speed alert message can be send.
  •   Bus routes can be predefined in the machine and alert message will be send if it travels out of the predefined routes.
  •  SOS button in case of emergency to sent multiple SMS's. 
  •  SMS/On-line alerts if the device is disconnected from power supply or removed from the installation.
  •   It helps to collect details about bus routes and can generate daily reports.
  1. School/College transport service
  2. Logistics
  3. Public Transports
  4. Courier vehicle
  5. FMCG delivery services
  6. Fleet Management
  • GPRS location tracking via time interval
  • over-speed alarm.
  • Built-in high sensitive GPS chipset
  • When tracker is under GSM blind area, inside flash will store the location data, and then tracker will report data to platform when GSM signal is available.
  • Driver drives continuously over 4hours, and take rest less than 15minutes, tracker will send alarm.
  • The record data includes: time, speed, direction, longitude and latitude, door status, engine status, fuel consumption, temperature, mileage, SOS, over-speed, GPS signal, GSM signal, etc.
  • working time and non-working time driving mileage statistics.
  • Area-in alarm, area-out alarm, and set geo-fence area as station.
  • Different colors to show vehicle different status: running/stop/alarm/invalid location.
  • All kinds’ reports can be output to Html, word, Excel files. 
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

About Softland India Ltd

We are a ISO certified leading handheld terminal manufacturer in India to provide various filed automation solutions and also we already supplied thousands of machines to government/private organizations in India and abroad. We can provide GPRS handheld POS solution with embedded printer as per your requirement. We wish to discuss more on your requirement and provide solution matching your needs.

We are 17 years experienced, ISO certified embedded device manufacturers in kerala who have successfully launched many embedded device in various field automation. We have able to customize your device as per your requirement by doing research and development that is concept to reality solution for your need if you wish to pay for our work.

If you buy Windows OS or Linux/Android OS Mobile computer for data collection it will cost around $1200, its too costly, but ours is only $250 which have the same features and facilities. we offer discounts for bulk orders.

Palmtec is equivalent to a PC + Printer + UPS + Software
Handheld Options  - GPRS, Bluetooth, barcode, GPS, Wi-fi, RFID, Magnetic swipe/mifare card(MSR), weighing scale interface, smart card, camera, biometric & SD card
Handheld printer  - 57mm paper width(2 Inch), 32/24 col, inbuilt battery & memory
Programmable LED display - GPRS supported indoor and outdoor types in Red, Green & Amber colors with any language support.
Camera - store in 32GB SD card, 640x480 video resolutions, 4mtr distance, IR, wifi, controlled by a computer or android mobile.
Terminal Configuration - Online, Offline & Hybrid
Software apps  -  Android, java, ASP.Net, PHP, Web Services, MySQL, C#
Our Network  -  India, Sri Lanka, SAARC countries, African continent
Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wanted Experienced Android Developers.

Wanted Experienced Android Developers.

please contact,

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